24 Hour In-Home Care for the ones you love


We provide Peace-of-Mind 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to meet your needs.

A welcomed support to families of seniors whose well-being can be monitored in their homes around the clock, enabling unique family collaboration to enhance everyone’s peace of mind. Seniors can live at home longer delaying a costly move.

Our service learns daily activity patterns and can warn family members about incidents of concerns of potential hazards including falls, wandering, activity and sleep monitoring, and more. The senior does not need a smartphone, nor must they wear an emergency response pendant.

This Package includes:

  • Family Smart Home Center – provides an intelligent hub that safely learns the daily behaviors and actions of a household and enables unique family collaboration to enhance everyone’s peace of mind.
  • Entry Sensors – The base package comes with three entry sensors to know when doors, medicine cabinets or refrigerators open and close.
  • Motion Sensors – The base package comes with three motion sensors to learn the normal activities in the home to alert of potential falls, wandering and more.
  • Monitoring Services – Up to ten family members and friends can be part of a trusted circle, which can be notified of potential problems. An
    optional escalation to the Emergency Call Center will determine first-responder contact.
  • Call Reminders – Coordinated call reminders to family members to remind them to reach out to their loved ones, helping maintain critical social contact.
  • Expandable – Expandable with hundreds of wirelessly connected smart home devices, including water leak sensors, temperature and humidity sensors, smart plugs, additional entry and motion sensors, and many others!

Key benefits provided include, but are not limited to:

  • Failure to Return Notice
  • Fall & Inactivity Detection
  • Sleep Monitoring
  • Medicine Adherence
  • Late Night Activity
  • Bathroom Activity
  • And it’s very Expandable!

Watch a brief video about this state-of-the-art option!



Monitoring System

caregiver and elderly woman smiling to each other